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Cold caller with a twist.
Many of you who follow me on twitter may have seen how I sometime rant on about ‘cold callers’,my biggest issue is not that I’m being called uninvited but when I tell the caller “No Thanks “, I mean “no thanks”, sadly many of them ignore this which really get’s me angry, I’ve been polite, listen to them, then made a judgement on what is on offer and and if it’s of any interest to me or not.
A few months ago a young student called Joey called me, he was studying at the local university and doing media studies,he went on to explain how he had found my website, my social media profile and maybe he could help me by me helping him.
Always cautious when I get calls like these,however it sounded interesting so I invited Joey down to the showroom.
Joey had contacted a few other business / dealers in the area, but wasn’t having much success but he had also spotted that i was very active on social media and maybe be more open to his suggestion, he felt whilst my website was fantastic there was something missing..
He said it needed a video to introduce the business, which I was thinking about anyway. We discussed various ideas and he suggested coming back with his colleagues from the university and setting out a plan of action.
After a couple of meeting, this was rolled out.
Lights,camera- Action ….
What an amazing team of young talented people to work with, each one so dedicated and full of energy, in total there were 6 of them at the showroom to do all the filming, they spent the whole day with us. Sharing ideas and having great fun.
it was an absolute pleasure and privileged to work with such an enthusiastic team. Each one of them doing a different degree in different aspect of media, Joey was the director[Joey seen here pointing towards me] you’ll see all the crew members names at the end of the video, in total 8 of them including the music and editing team all doing their part for me and their individual degrees.
They have made 3 different marketing video’s for me, A 30 second, A 90 second and a 5 minute video.
Check the video out here :


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