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New Cars

New and Nearly New Cars

Specialist Cars the place for new cars as well as nearly new cars.

Buying a car can be a stressful experience with many obstacles to overcome, whether it is a new or used car you are looking to purchase. At Umesh Samani Specialist Cars we try to help by making the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Umesh Samani Specialist Cars offer a varied service supplying both new and used cars. The benefits of choosing to buy your car from us is that we can source multiple makes, models and specifications to suit your needs. Many of our customers have entrusted our friendly sales team to provide them with the ‘best’ deal whether you’re looking to part exchange or simply looking to purchase from new. We will do all of the work for you, and take into consideration your budget, availability and part exchange price. We can also arrange competitive and affordable car finance should you require it.

Letting Umesh Samani Specialist Cars take car of everything will make buying your next new or used car a more enjoyable experience.

I CAN save you money!!

How can you save money? It’s the question everyone asks when they are looking to buy a car. Umesh Samani Specialist Cars have built great working relationships over the years with many franchised dealers. To help hit their targets we work closely with them to find the best deals on offer at any one time which we then pass onto our customers. All of the cars are supplied within the UK, are brand new and as such you will be the proud 1st registered owner of the vehicle.

All new cars sold are supplied with the full UK Manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re looking for something outside of a brand new car but something still ‘nearly new’ then Umesh Samani Specialist Cars have lots of contact who can supply us with nearly new, low mileage used cars.

Some of our ‘nearly new’ cars are pre-registered and will only have the delivery mileage, others are from cancelled orders and some have been used as demonstrator vehicles. All of these ‘nearly new’ options offer great savings and value for money too.

Motability Cars

Motability Cars – These are cars that are supplied to individuals who are entitled to receive a transportation allowance due to ill health themselves or for an immediate family member to transport their family around.

There are some misconceptions surrounding Motability cars such as all of them being modified for a person with a disability or that they have been heavily converted. This is often not the case, and the vast majority are standard cars with very low mileage.

All of the Motability cars we buy are classed as Grade 1. These are the top examples purchased directly from Motability and never via auctions. Some of the Motability cars we have supplied in the past have been just a few months old with very low mileage. These are seen as early returns and there can be various reasons for that. Please be assured that these are nearly brand new cars. The rest of the Motability cars that we supply are up to three years old and have a full service history supplied with the car.

Due to the high volume of cars available from Umesh Samani Specialist Cars it is difficult to list all of the vehicles available, but the majority are available through our website. Next time you’re looking for a new or used car why not drop in a visit us, or give us a call and we will work with your requirements to find the perfect car for you.

Why buy from us when you can buy from a franchised dealer? A very good question.

It’s simple, due to the number of cars that we buy from our suppliers we negotiate very attractive terms, this means that you the customer benefits from this. We manage to get ‘fleet discounts’ that we simply pass on to you the customer. No hidden charges the price we quote is the price you pay.

Benefits include:

  • All cars are UK sourced
  • No imports
  • You will be the first registered keeper
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Hassle free buying process
  • Part exchange welcome
  • Finance available